Sunday, 7 September 2014

Kanyakumari- Manakudy Estuary and Nearby Beauty....Photos-Part-1

                                              MANAKUDY ESTUARY IN KANYAKUMARI-1

                                          MANAKUDY ESTUARY IN KANYAKUMARI-2

                                                MANAKUDY ESTUARY IN KANYAKUMARI-3

                                      MANAKUDY ESTUARY IN KANYAKUMARI-4

                                          BACKWATER AREA IN MANAKUDY....

                                   BACKWATER AREA IN MANAKUDY....

                                                    BACKWATER AREA IN MANAKUDY....

                                                        MEETING POINT...

                                             MARUTHUVAMALAI ON BACK ....


                                              LONG SHOT VIEW OF MANAKUDY BRIDGE...

                                           BEACH IN MANAKUDY...                    

                     NEW MANAKUDY STYLISH BRIDGE ....

                                                       BEAUTY OF  NEW MANAKUDY BRIDGE

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Photos Courtesy:- Mcmillanji , Padmasekarji , ,


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    The journey is beautiful as, you will be able to see a large, very large number of wind turbines. Awesomeness in full, There are some rock structures too that make you stop and snap them. It was a nice journey.

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