Wednesday, 7 June 2006

Kanyakumari - Famous Food Recipe - Valakkai Porial - Part-2

Valakkai Porial is one of the popular dishes of Kanyakumari. This dish is a preparation from vegetables. The basic ingredients of this South Indian dish are coconut and banana. This is a very simple dish and can be easily prepared at home for the near and dear ones.

Kanyakumari recipes are very easy to cook and the procedure of cooking a dish of Valakkai Porial is not very time consuming. To prepare Valakkai Porial, one will require those ingredients that are easily available in the households.

Ingredients Required for Valakkai Porial

  • 1/2 Coconut

  • 250 gm Raw Banana

  • Channa Dal-1/2 top

  • Urad Dal-1/2 top

  • Curry Leaves

  • 2 Onions

  • 3 Green Chilies

  • One pinch of Turmeric

  • Oil--2 tablespoon

  • 1/2 tablespoon of Mustard Seeds

  • Salt - according to taste

    Procedure to Prepare Valakkai Porial

    Foods of Kanyakumari are very tasty and they are prepared from very fresh and healthy products. To prepare Valakkai Porial, one is required to grate coconut. It should be kept aside for the time being. In the mean time the raw bananas are required to be peeled. The bananas should be cut into small cubes. In a pan, banana cubes are to be cooked, adding sufficient amount water. Salt to be added according to taste.

    In another pan, oil is to be heated. When oil in the pan is enough hot, Urad Dal is to be added, followed by Channa Dal. Green chilies and Turmeric powder are to be added in the ingredients in the pan. Lastly, grated coconut is to be added. A few Curry leaves are to be sprinkled for flavor and taste.

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