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Kanyakumari - Thirparappu water falls - A Journey experience...

                                       The Thirparappu Falls is one of the most popular tourist destinations in southern India. It is located in the Kanyakumari district, which is the southern-most region of Tamil Nadu. Kanyakumari is a beautiful place, which boasts of several temples, dams, beaches and waterfalls.
It is flanked by Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea on the South and South-West side respectively due to which the monsoon season in rainfall is quite long and witnesses heavy rainfall. However, it is a model district with a good transport and drainage system, having numerous hospitals and health care units, and a relatively low crime rate.
Thirparappu Falls
To reach Thirparappu falls one needs to hire a bus or board one of the frequent government buses, From Trivandrum to nagercoil / kanyakumari. In the highway and passing through the place named marthandam / Azhagiyamandapam /thuckalay you can get down. From there you can take another bus or hire a car or any vehicle. A weir is also built above  the falls, which supplies water in the nearby villages for irrigation. Apart from its undeniable utility, it is a place of breath-taking beauty and serenity.
Near by the falls there is a beautiful Lord Shiva temple. 
                          The monsoon season had just started there and it started to rain on the way. Thank God, it stopped raining when we got there. The journey was quite interesting as it was scenic around. There were lot of rubber estates, jack fruit trees and many other mountainous trees. The lifestyle of the people was different. It was much like a blended style between Tamil Nadu and Kerala. After  we got there and the entrance ticket was around only Rs. 5 / 10 .And its quite make us doubt whether we are in tourist spot or not...because normally we face day-time robbery in all other tourist places where we visited early.
Then we moved to the waterfall through the steps.  Both the sides of the steps were many plants and trees and the plants were decorated with different beautiful shapes.  By enjoying the beauty of the plants again we followed way of waterfall.  Now we are in the waterfall.  ‘Wow’ what a beautiful place and scenery.  People were taking bath in the waterfall. But now its near to summer time and so water falls have less amount of water. An excursion team from a school also was there in the waterfall.  Since for men and women separate places are there to take bath.  There were no chances for immoral activities.  After taking bath we went to the children’s park, which is maintained by Thirparappu Administration.  There was a swimming pool near by the waterfall and we have to pay if we go to the swimming pool.

Water falling
The water fall is about 300 ft in length and has Rocky River beds. It falls from a height of 50 ft and looks to be artificially constructed one. The falls is located downstream and you have to climb down some steps to get to the falls. The facilities were quite good. A good looking park was set up and apart from that there were Children’s play area and a swimming pool dedicated for Children.

Children's Swimming pool and play area
There were quite a good number of people that day. Some were interested in bathing, some were interested in just enjoying the scenery and some like me were involved in taking photographs. So, I explored the area.

Decoration of the park!
 The water after flowing from the falls flows continues its journey and the place was quite beautiful. On the outside it appears as if there are steps leading you down (as it is cut at 90 degrees), but it is just a plain cut and leads you to a 10 feet trap that is so rocky.

Adjacent to the waterfalls, or actually adjacent to the river upstream there is a temple known as Mahadevar Temple, which is said to be one of the twelve shivalayas in the area. The temple is built completely in Kerela style, which was quite amazing to me. A circular shape structure with a conical doom. Lord Shiva was looking so good in the temple, very intricately designed. I would say it was one of the best idols I have seen. No one was there at the temple, except two or three devotees, so it was very peaceful and I like peaceful temples.

The Mahadevar Temple from the outside
Outside the temple, the scene was beautiful. The stream was flowing smoothly and some people took bath there. The temperature was so good as it was cloudy and it was not raining.

Outside the temple
Outside the temple - the other side
On the way back, we had to catch a bus to Kulasekaram, a nearby town. The bus was interesting. From there we took a bus to Nagercoil and this time the journey was more tedious as more roundabout route was followed. All together the trip was unforgettable!

Scenic Beauty on the way back!
The Waterfalls is located in Kanyakumari district very near to many other tourist places. It is approximately 45 kms from Nagercoil, 55 kms from Thiruvananthapuram and 65 kms from Kanyakumari. The water fall is located in a river named Kothaiyar and is located at about 13 kms from Pechiparai Dam.  Boat facility is available at the other side of the temple.

Route from Nagercoil and Thiruvanthapuram - B is the location of Thirparappu Falls

It is very good place for one day trip with family. Location
Thirparappu, Near Marthandam, Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu, INDIA

How to reach
Trivandrum: Trivandrum-Marthandam- Thiruvattar-Kulasekharam-Thirparappu - 57km

Trivandrum-Kattakada-Kallikkad-Neyyardam-Vellarada-Kaliyal-Thirparappu- 52km

Nagercoil: Nagercoil-Thucklay-Azhakiyamandapam-Verkilambi-Thiruvattar-Kulasekharam-Thirparappu - 42km

Railway Station: Marthandam (Kuzhithurai)
Airport: Trivandrum International Airport

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