Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Kanyakumari - Chothavilai Beach...-A Journey Experience...

                                                Destination based travel is not my intention but many  time our travel happens around a point of destination, perhaps it’s the way the world chose to lead so and for me, a long distance travel couldn't be solely intended. During my year old visit to Kanyakumari, the southern tip on Indian peninsula, I explored a place isolated from rest of the world view or only few more experienced; a pristine beach with foot imprints clearly visible across the wet and dry sand shore.

Green palms
Passing the Manakudy – a fishing hamlet on the west coast of Kanyakumari, a narrow road leads alongside the sea and elevated from sea level, the roar of waves were clearly resonate and sounds terrific each time it raise and fall. I hear from a passerby, that waves in Kanyakumari are usually rage and after tsunami its tendency has been disposition. Even the usual sight has been terrific; I couldn't image a giant wave like tsunami cut through the hamlet, with array of houses facing the sea and I also wonder what a life it could be to wake up and sleep expose to stunning sea. That sometime sing lullaby and identically cause shivering while sang through murderous rage – Kolaveri.

The Chothavilai Beach is about 12km from the sacred town – Kanyakumari, and it connects only through an iron bridge near the mouth of river Pazhayar, across Manakudy. The road after the hamlet takes us to the early stage of ECR (east coast road) near Chennai, passing the casuarinas and green palm trees; the beach resembles one of the private beaches off ECR. The beach seem to taken into promotion in latter years and there were few shelters and concrete umbrellas beautifying the beach front and esp. the Japanese style of roofs shelters were impressive. But lack of maintenance left few of the statues to damage.

Chothavilai Beach
There were only half a dozen people left ashore including a couple and their kid, the sea looked quiet vast except solo waves crush the shore every few seasons. The beach holds a pretty arch, carved with number of sea species and shells, and a watch tower to check sunrise and set. Since evening, we had a glimpse of sunset and first time on the Arabian side, the sight of sunset on sea was fantastic. Even after sunset, there was much light across the sky and as we move toward the town, the sky showcases different kinds of hues and shades, fascinated while it changes its scene from one another.
Japanese style of shelters tiled hut bench

A place was soooo beautiful and make your noise mind as calm very soon when you reach here... After i reach and see the beauty of this place am really forget all my fatigue my resonance of mind and all my hectic work schedules and more....

After few hours of valuable time i decided to move back to my daily routine life...but my body and soul dont ready to do so...but after a emotional heavy heart i left the place .....with nice memories and thoughts...and a resolution that very soon again i back to this place...

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