Friday, 7 May 2010

Kanyakumari - All time Available famous Eatables- Photos-1

IF you are thinking to visit KANYAKUMARI and if u feel your stomach may create problem if you take new variety of foods then why not you try the natural foods which are frequently available with less cost and rich in vitamins are always available in this Natural Resource Rich Tourist place...

So as a new guy to this place you don't want to feel fear , Anxiety or Anything...Still you are in the Soil of KANYAKUMARI....

At the same time if you feel you want to taste each and every recipe of  kanyakumari and this place special then also you surely don't miss your nice lifetime opportunity.So you note down this all which shown in this  post and don't miss these items atleast when you visit this place...    

                                                                  ICE APPLE JUICE
                 For get Cool to body and rich in in Vitamin A, B and C,Iron,Zinc,Phosphorus,Potassium& lots more
                also known as Nungu(நுங்கு) in Tamil,Taati Munjalu (తాటి ముంజలు) in Telugu,Tari in Hindi

                                                                   BANANA CHIPS - Snacks

                                                Many Varieties are available -JACK FRUIT

                                                              Many Varieties of -MANGO FRUIT

                                                                Many Varieties of -COCONUT juice

                                                   Many Varieties of - CASHEW APPLE

                                                             More Varieties of- BANANA

                                                                      BANANA BHAJJI


                                                                 TAPIOCA CASSAVA with FISH

                                                ALL INDIA FAMOUS CHAAI (TEA) & BONDA


                                                Of TAMIL STYLE FOOD IN PLANTAIN LEAF 


                                                            KERALA STYLE FOOD in PLANTAIN LEAF

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