Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Kanyakumari - Vattakottai Fort - A journey experience....

Vattakottai - The Round Fort - Very very scenic!!

We were on the roads again further Southward towards Kanyakumari. We were given good company by this kind of terrain visible in the eastern side.

 To our surprise the hotel receptionist was completely ignorant about the route to Vattakottai which is hardly 30km away from this place. Neverthless we proceeded going South and based on Google maps we have to take V turn in the eastward direction some 5 kms before Kanyakumari.

There were lot of plantains in these route and the light greenish tint of their leaf was quite soothing to eyes from inside the chilling ac of the vehicle even though outside temperatures soared around 33 degree Celsius.

Reached 5kms within Kanyakumari and the turn eastward (left) was quite evident. This road is the Kanyakumari - thirunelveli Highway, has to travel around 4 kms in this route and take a right turn. The locals are ever willing to help when enquired about directions.

The small road comes to a dead end in front of the giant wall of this fort.

There is a parking lot as well. Once inside, the security guard made us write our name and address. That is all, no entrance fee to this fort. The first view inside was adequate to let us know about what is in store for us.

The geography of the palace is like, there is a big pond in the middle, ample space around and a big wall around, These big walls have some rooms inside too. There is beach on the eastern side and one end of the palace wall actually is in the sea. This end has two tomb like protrusions with a flat top, towards the north and south end. We can go on top of these tomb by a step. We decided to go on top of the tomb on the north end.

The step was of traditional construction

Watch the flat floor on the middle. Means that some vehicle need to be pulled up to the top. This palace was used by Maharaja Marthanda Varma to fight against enemies coming from the sea. The big tombs served as watch tower and firing point of big canons. These big canons need to be taken to the top using these sloped surface in between the steps.

Once we reached midway, there is a walkway to the other tomb in the southern side as well. The view of the pond from this point was like this

The neatly maintained lawn is the one which makes this place quite attractive in the midst of the constructions using granite.

We climbed up and it was simply superb. There was a single tree and here also the lawn was well maintained.

The sea breeze was so pronounced that once we sat under the shade of the tree, we almost fell asleep. We couldn't sleep because the kids already started running around.
Not only kids we were also soon running around.

The walls contained small openings like this.

These were the opening were the canons will be housed and used for firing. The view through these openings was awesome.

Since I am living in a town near the Arabian sea, the color of Bay of bengal immediately caught my attention. Not everyday does we get to see this colored sea. Just watching the sea from this point with the cool breeze slowly fondling us was an experience which is best understood by being here.

We stayed at this place for more than few hour and all our fatigue, if any, was soon forgotten. Now it was time to go and experience the other tomb which was visible from here.

Just note that there are some people sitting on top of the wall. Judging by their relative size you will be able to think of the size of the wall and the size of this tomb.

It was quite evident that the other tomb was having much more area and the lawn also is more neatly maintained. One more view of the other tomb from here.

The two trees on top of that tomb is giving an added attraction to this place. We walked slowly to that tomb.

Once on top of that tomb, found that it was more beautiful than what we could see from the other tomb. Such was the beauty of the two trees present there in the beautiful lawn that these two were captured in our camera several times.
The bigger of the two

The smaller of the two with the autumn effect.

And now the two together in one frame

Here also one could sit on top of the thick walls and to enjoy the sea.

I am just loving the color of the sea. Just watch the sea front from here

There were lot of windmills on the northern side which was also giving this place a unique look

Zooming power of the cam helped us to have closer look of one among them

Towards the southern side, Kanyakumari was visible. Just look closely to the right side of the tree in this picture

Towards the western side, the western ghats was on display.

So each of the directions has some uniqueness associated with it !!

Our kids definitely had a busy time running around these sprawling lawns, without the fear of getting injuries from a fall.

After all when we see our kids happy, we are happy !!!

A zoomed view of the sea lashing against the walls of this tomb.

Did I hear a call from the sea to come and have a dip? Yes I did. Within no time I found myself amidst the waves lashing against my body so soothingly.

Kids too had a real fun time in the beach and by the time we decided to call of the tour, sun was already getting ready to leave.

I never thought this place is so beautiful. Eventhough I have been to Kanyakumari many times, never did I explore this even more beautiful place. Let this place remain mysterious for then we could enjoy these beautiful places untouched by huge crowds. No tourist can take a bath at Kanyakumari,  thanks to the overcrowded beaches and watching eyes of many including police...

The biodiversity park, the de Lannoy's tomb, the lawns of vattakotta, the tombs of vattakotta, the beautiful bay of bengal everything is all set to remain in my memories for ever and I am going to be a regular here !!

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